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Find local small businesses to support.

Mango Local is designed from the ground up to help local businesses find and connect with their loyal customers.

Is my nearest coffee shop open for inside seating?  Is delivery available? In the age of Coronavirus, knowing the answers to these questions is a daily chore. Look no further than Mango Local.

The Fastest Growing App for black owned businesses

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Mango Local

Looking to find out the new COVID-19 sanitary procedures for your favorite restaurant? Checking on curbside delivery for a craft shop?  

“I love that the deals that show up are local, & able to be redeemed now. I no longer have to scroll through multiple pages to find something applicable to me.”

“Love this app, the ease of use is definitely a plus but just the overall savings you can find at all of your local businesses you love”

“I really recommend trying it out. Super easy to find what local businesses are doing”


Mango Local is available on iOS and Android.